What is

What is the Shroud of Turin?

It is an ancient linen sheet (of about m . 4,41 x 1,13) containing the image of a man who died after a series of torture culminated with the crucifixion .

The image was is surrounded by two singed black lines and a number of shortcomings : they are the damage from the fire occurred in 1532 in Chambéry .

Is this the Shroud mentioned in the Gospels, which served to wrap the body of Jesus in the tomb?

Athough the numerous findings from scientific surveys on this rarely and precious sheet, it can not be definitively proven.

Certainly however the Shroud , for the characteristics of its mark , is a direct and immediate reference to help you understand and meditate on the dramatic reality of Jesus’ Passion . For this Pope St. John Paul II has called ” mirror of the Gospel . “