The world of Steve McCurry in Turin


afgan-kizi-seneler-sonra-ortaya-cikti-sasirtan-fotografi-981Steve McCurry, the great American photographer, is in town.

In the magnificient Reggia di Venaria (Royal Palace of Venaria), it takes place a new artist exhibition, the largest and most comprehensive since 2009.

The exhibition includes about 250 of the most famous photographs taken during his career, some of his most recent works and other not yet published pictures.

In the exhibition, visitors can follow the long McCurry’s journey in every parts of the world, from Afghanistan to India, from Southeast Asia to Africa, from Cuba to the United States, from Brazil to Italy. A life through images.

What: The world of Steve McCurry – photography

Where: Reggia di Venaria

When: from 01/04/2016 until 25/09/2016




The Holy Shroud – A good example of the SEO Power

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